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Home Staging Tips for your Pittsburgh Home!



Even in a hot real estate market, it is essential to spend time staging your Pittsburgh home. Sellers who have taken the time to stage their homes have realized a quicker sale, multiple offers, and oftentimes sales prices above the asking price.

There is a psychology to home staging that allows homebuyers to picture themselves living in the home. Decluttering, furniture placement, and removing personal items help buyers visualize their lives there. You can successfully stage your Pittsburgh home without breaking the bank. Here are some money-saving tips that you can use.

  • A thorough cleaning is the most valuable thing you can do to begin staging your home. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, it will be an excellent investment. Do the detailed work that is not on our weekly to-do lists, like wiping down baseboards, removing marks from walls, and cleaning grout. Buyers appreciate a clean home and may feel the house is maintained well.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere on the front porch. This is their first impression, so make it a good one. Buyers spend more time than most think at the front door. The agent needs to access the key to open the door, which gives the buyer time to look over the front porch. After a thorough cleaning, you can set the stage relatively inexpensively with some potted flowers, a fresh doormat, and a welcoming wreath on the front door.
  • Reuse and repurpose decorative items. Go through your home and evaluate the items you have. You may also have some things in storage that you are not currently using. Determine the feel you want for each room and sort the items you have that will evoke that feeling.
  • Create a telescope. If you have a formal dining room, set the table as you would for a special occasion dinner. Create a simple lunch or dinner table in the kitchen. Setting the tables helps visualize daily life.
  • Green your home with houseplants. House plants are a great space filler, but they are also known to clean the air. Strategically place easy to care for plants throughout your home. Keep the plants well-manicured.
  • Create comfortable, cozy spaces. You may want to create a relaxing area in front of the television or a reading nook. Using some inexpensive blankets and throw pillows can help set that scene.
  • Use mirrors to make your spaces feel open and more expansive. If you have a small room that you would like to feel larger, using a mirror can help. Using a larger mirror works best to achieve the result you want. Hanging mirrors and artwork at the average person’s eye level (60 inches from the floor) is recommended.
  • Don’t clutter bookshelves. Use books and decorative items on the shelves, but leave open spaces. Psychologically this allows the buyer to feel there is room for their items too.
  • Books can be a great decorative item that prompts a cozy feeling. You can find inexpensive books at thrift stores if you need to purchase them. Books can be used in areas other than bookshelves too. Try elevating a small lamp with a stack of books, create a vignette near the sofa with books and a blanket, and don’t forget the popular coffee table books.
  • Paint if necessary. Bold color choices may be overwhelming to a buyer. Neutral colors appeal to a broader range of buyers. If you have a room that is an unusual color or personalized in some way, it may be wise to invest in a gallon of paint to repaint the room before listing the house.

Staging your Pittsburgh home may not be how you actually live in your home. But, when done correctly, any inconvenience will be short for your household when it sells quickly. Then you can start packing!

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